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Fish Nursery Receives $3,000 Grant

A local Fish Nursery recently received some Financial Support to help their Dreams become a Reality. The 1889 Club Park in South Fork received a $3,000 Grant Friday by State Representative Frank Burns. This is the second Grant the Club has received. The money is being used to expand their Fish Nursery.

Organizers say this money will help the Club continue the great work they do for the community. Marlin Minor, a Member of the Wilmore Sportsman’s Club saying: “We try to keep adding on. We have a Kid’s Derby and we have a Tournament every year. We’d like to do more for the kids. We’re also working towards doing stuff for wounded warriors and trying to get our stream improvement done. We have to add on to the nursery to get the fish to do all this stuff.”

State Representative Frank Burns saying: “They rely on donations mostly and the events that they old for funding. So I’m just happy that the state was able to step in and give them a little boost, as far as their fundraising goes.”

The Club stocks Trout for the State — in the Conemaugh River — between the Town of Wilmore and the Wilmore Dam. They also help the Fish and Boat Commission with stocking other hard to get to locations in that area.

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