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Flight 93 Luminaire

If you take a look behind me these lights shining up into the sky are visible for miles and this is just one of the ways those brave passengers are being honored here at Flight 93 for what they did
20 years ago.

This Flight 93 Tower of Light beam reaches 18 thousand feet into the air visible from 60 miles away.

It’s made up of 40 lights to symbolize the 40 passengers and crew members who lost their lives on September 11th 2001.

“This has been an overwhelming response.”

And inside the Flight 93 National Memorial Friday Night hundreds of people gathered for the Luminaria Ceremony

Where 40 lanterns were carried to represent the 40 passengers killed on flight 93 and placed beside their name on the wall of names.

“The most magical moment was when I went past the USS Somerset crew. They stood at attention as the lanterns went by. It was just so touching.”

Gibson says family members from almost all of those 40 heroes were there to honor their loved ones.

“It’s a ceremony that is very touching for them to see people coming out to honor and remember their family members. I know they always appreciate having this service and the ceremony.”

And as for the Tower of Light it’ll shine until the early morning hours on September 12th but the legacy those brave passengers left 20 years ago will never dim.

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