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Former Mayor Facing Charges

A drunken former Clearfield County mayor is facing charges after shooting a gun at two people playing Pokémon GO Monday night, state police say.

According to a criminal complaint filed by state police, 50-year-old Ida Reams faces charges related to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, simple assault, terroristic threats and driving under the influence.

Osceola Mills officials confirm that Reams was the borough’s mayor up until Dec. of 2021.

Troopers say Reams called state police around 9 p.m. and told them that two individuals were accusing her of harassing them even though she wasn’t.

The complaint says Reams reported being in the Community Food Bank parking lot at the corner of Curtin and Lingle streets.

She told state police that the two people looked suspicious, so she asked them where they were from and what they were doing there, the complaint says.

Troopers say Reams identified herself and explained that she had been receiving a lot of harassment in the town and that she was done.

“It’s gonna be bad,” Reams told troopers as she explained that the individuals would be gone by the time authorities arrived, according to the complaint.

State police say Reams was still on the phone with them when she started yelling, “you guys get the [expletive] out of here right now, I’m done, I’ll [expletive] kill them, [expletive] you.”

Troopers say they then heard two gunshots over the phone before Reams hung up.

State police responded and interviewed the two individuals who had allegedly been shot at.

They say one of the individuals explained that they were playing Pokemon GO when Reams began following them and accusing them of being drug addicts.

The individual noted that Reams had just come from a nearby bar and was clearly intoxicated, the complaint says.

He explained that Reams pulled out a revolver and then fired four or five shots at him and his friend, but no one was hurt, state police say.

He also told troopers that Reams was driving circles around them in a truck, according to the complaint.

State police say they pulled Reams, who was driving the truck, over, took her into custody and determined she was under the influence of alcohol.

Reams is now being held in the Clearfield County Prison, court documents indicate, after she couldn’t post bail which was set at $50,000.

She has a preliminary hearing slated for March 23.

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