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Fort Bedford Honor Guard

The Fort Bedford Honor Guard held a ceremony today at the Bedford County Historical Society to commemorate the 75th anniversary of its founding.

The unit is considered to be one of the oldest in the nation. It was founded in June of 1946. In attendance Today was a special guest of honor Mr. Robert V. Howsare who is the last known
surviving member of the original guard as well as a World War Two Veteran.

The guard’s primary role is to honor departed veterans at funerals by providing military honors and emotional support for the grieving families. Simply put they honor those who have
passed by serving the living.

“I’ve been with it for years until a couple of years ago, then I dropped out. But they didn’t let me drop out of the honor guard, they kept me in there. I guess i’m what they call the old
granddaddy of them all.”

After the ceremony Mr. Howsare was presented with an award of gratitude for the unit. Families of the founding members donated personal items such as uniforms and pictures for display.
All 75 years of the guard’s existence are represented in the exhibit.

The display is set up in the gallery of the Bedford County Historical Society and it will be there until the end of June. Admission is free though the society will gladly accept donations. The event was held in conjunction with bedford county 250th anniversary.

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