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Four Juveniles Face Charges

Johnstown police say four juveniles are facing charges after driving around the city, waving around airsoft-style pellet guns and shooting a bicyclist with them, which resulted in a lockdown at Greater Johnstown schools.

Police say just after 10:30 a.m., Johnstown school officials reported that a staff member witnessed four black males drive by the middle school, while the students were outside, waving a gun out the window of the vehicle.

Authorities say the replica AK-47-style gun, which was described as being tan in color, with an orange tip, was also witnessed at the Greater Johnstown High School.

Police say they then received a report that an individual riding a bike had been shot with airsoft-style pellets along Central Ave.

Upon further investigation, police located two of the individuals at a residence along Horner Street, and the other two individuals were located a short time later.

Police say the juveniles told officers that they left school at 10:30 a.m. and admitted to driving around the city, scaring people and shooting the Orbeez/airsoft-style gun.

Greater Johnstown Superintendent Amy Arcurio said in a press release that the district was placed in a temporary “shelter-in-place” lockdown while police investigated the incident.

Police and school officials say no one from the schools was injured, and the lockdown has since been lifted.

Police note that there is no further danger to the public and charges are pending against the four juveniles.

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