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Future of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

Vaccine Advisors for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will decide the future of the troubled Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 shot. The vaccine’s roll-out has been on pause for over a week after a small percentage of people experienced rare blood clots.

Right now the White House Coronavirus Task Force says more than half of U.S. adults have gotten at least one COVID-19 shot. A key recommendation could increase the pace of vaccinations. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying: “I do think that there is plenty of people who are interested in the J&J vaccine.”

Johnson and Johnson’s single-dose COVID-19 vaccine on pause after cases of rare blood clots were reported. A CDC Advisory Panel is expected to recommend for the vaccine to go back into use. Dr. Paul Offit, Vaccine Education Center Director at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia saying: “I think it will be back on the market very soon.”

So far, in the U.S., the CDC knows of 15 women who developed the blood clots linked to the vaccine. Three of them have died. During the Clinical Trial, one man also experienced clots and was treated. Dr. Michael Streiff, a Clotting Expert at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine adding: “The incidents, it’s quite a rare event that they’re about 10 to 15 cases per million in the population”

The cases are out of almost 7 Million of the J-and-J vaccines given. Both the CDC and the FDA have approved the panel’s decisions and lifted the pause on the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine.

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