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Geisinger 65 Forward in Centre County

Geisinger Health System opened it’s very first Senior Care location back in 2019. It’s success led to an expansion of a new facility that will be opening in Centre County.

Healthcare for those over age 65 is complicated, requiring visits to multiple Specialty Doctors. However, Geisinger 65 Forward was built to change that. This new facility will take the space formerly occupied by the Gap, just off of North Atherton Street in Patton Township. It’ll offer much more than Physician visits. It will also feature opportunities for exercise classes, Lab Services, plus access to Nutritionists, Social Workers and beyond.

Geisinger’s President and CEO Jaewon Ryu offered this description when a 65-Forward center was opened in Wilkes-Barre: “There’s a wellness and community center feel in the front, Primary Care Services in the back, we try to co-locate as many of the Clinical Services as possible.”

Specialists are also excited for the cultivation of relationships between Patients and Doctors of various specialties, all under one roof. George Avetian, DO – A Staff Physician at Geisinger 65 Forward in Wilkes-Barre saying: “The thing I’m looking most forward to is meeting the Patients, getting to know them, getting to know the community, identifying the problems, focusing on resolution, focusing on the well being of the individual and the community, it goes hand in hand.”

As for how the 65 Forward centers will change the game, Ryu says: “We try to make it so that you can get your labs done, basic x-ray imaging, and even some of the higher-volume specialists we try to rotate through here, so it really does resemble a one-stop-shop because we know that when we can make care convenient like that, health can become so much easier.”

The doors are expected to open in October.

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