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Geisinger Health System

Over the last 2 years, Geisinger Health System Opened 7, 65-forward senior care centers Across the state.

Now, They’re bringing it Westward, opening the first such facility in Centre County this week.

The 2.6 million dollar facility is bringing a bunch of senior specialists together in one place.

But thats not all they also have a gym, classes where seniors can meet each other, and all kinds of wellness professionals from dieticians to social workers in addition to
offering traditional doctor visits.

What makes these centers special is that care isn’t assigned to the first available doctor or nurse like it is at other facilities.

“When I’m assigned as your doctor, I’m your doctor for everything, so if you have an emergency and you call, we’re going to get to you in the same day and get things taken care
of, and the patients will always, that are assigned to myself, will always be seeing me, they won’t see anybody else, so it really helps because once you get to know someone,
you know what’s been tried before, you know what’s worked before and, um, and you get a comfort level as well.”

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