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Glen O Hawbaker Update

Now to the latest in the case of a Centre County based contractor who was charged by the attorney general’s office with illegally diverting money and benefits for employees.
And the fallout its led to with Penndot.

Penndot continuing its attempt to suspend Glen O Hawbaker Inc., One of the state’s largest road construction contractors based here in State College, from bidding on state

The case is now delayed on pause after a recent state court ruling. The Commonwealth court ruling issued last week, grants Hawbaker more time for a legal response to the Penndot
backed order to show cause issued in September, that calls for the company to be whats termed debarred as a contractor for state contracts for a period of up to three years.

Penndot took the unusual move of filing the sanction proposal through an administrative hearing officer. The new court ruling, schedules a hearing next month on the issue and
specifically says any Penndot action against Hawbaker is stayed pending a further court order.

Penndot pursued the contract suspension after Hawbaker pleaded no contest to four felony, wage theft charges filed by the state attorney generals office, in Centre County Court.

The company also agreed to make restitution totaling 20.7 million dollars to 12 hundred victims.

And again the next court hearing is scheduled for early November in Harrisburg.

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