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Glen o’ Hawbaker Update

A state college based contractor has won another legal round against PennDOT.

PennDOT was looking to suspend the firm from bidding on state contracts for at least three years.

PennDOT attempted to enforce the suspension against Glen o’ Hawbaker Inc after the firm pleaded no contest last year to four felony theft charges involving accusations of illegally diverting money and other benefits from some of its

Hawbaker also paid more than $20 million in restitution in the case.

Last September, PennDOT asked a special hearing administrator, to ban Hawbaker from state contract work for three years.

Hawbaker is one of Pennsylvania’s largest road construction companies.

The company fought the proposed suspension in court, and a recent Commonwealth Court ruling sided with all baker granting the company a preliminary injunction against PennDOT.

We received this short response from PennDOT to the ruling quote.

PennDOT is reviewing the decision and considering its options unquote. The court ruling also means Hawbaker can continue doing state contract work for the time being

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