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Glenn O Hawbaker Update

A few weeks ago the State Attorney Generals office filed criminal charges against Glenn O Hawbaker Incorporated, based here in State College, one of the state’s best know construction and contracting companies. They’re accused of stealing millions of dollars from employee wages. Now we can tell you, Penndot is telling the company, at least for the time being,they’re not going to be able to bid on state highway projects the Hawbaker Corporation has done a lot of business with Penndot building,and upgrading hundreds of roadways

“From 2003 to 2018 Hawbaker was awarded,get this, 1.7 billion dollars in contracts from Penndot alone”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announcing the criminal charges with the eye opening accusation that the Glenn O Hawbaker corporation stole 20 million dollars from employee paychecks dating back to 2015. We then asked Penndot about possible penalties,here’s their response quote, Penndot issued a formal notice of suspension to Glenn O Hawbaker on April 19,2021. Hawbaker is temporarily suspended from bidding on or participating in contracts for new construction work.

They may continue to work under existing agreements that were executed before April 19, unquote. When we asked how long is the temporary bidding suspension,we were told, initially its up to three months. No word on whether it may be extended. The attorney general says he’s focused on restitution

“We know specifically what was stolen from workers here and were going to do everything in our power to get that money back for each and every worker who was victimized”

Glenn O Hawbaker inc. Has been in business for 70 years.

As for the criminal court side of the case, a preliminary hearing has already been waived with a formal arraignment in Centre County court, set for next month.

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