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Golf for Kenny

The Clearfield County Community played some rounds of Golf on Sunday to raise money for a Golfer who is playing against his own odds. To keep hitting the links, Kenny Davis needs a Specialized Golf Cart. Sunday’s Tournament raised the money to buy it.

At Eagle’s Ridge Golf Course in Curwensville, the Kenny Ryder Cup was held in a successful effort to raise $10,000 to buy the Cart for Kenny Davis. Born with Cerebral Palsy, his family says he crawls on his hands and knees to putt. Lydia Quick, Organizer of the Event saying: “Ken enjoyed being out on the green today with…interacting with a lot of his friends and people he knows and some familiar faces.”

They say Kenny’s love for the game came from his Father. Quick saying: “Ken’s dad golfed in Hawaii. He wanted to be just like his dad, so he was hitting golf balls in his backyard.” However, as he gets older, he needs a Specialized Cart to keep playing. Quick adding: “Getting this cart will be a big adjustment for him but will definitely help his golfing game even, even more. Um, as he gets older, his knees are getting worse, but, um, he loves to golf, so he’ll continue to do that with this cart.”

That’s why Kenny’s family and the Course needed all hands on deck to make this happen, and Event Organizers say they got just that. Susan Spaid, Co-Organizer of the Event saying: “The people of this community have been so supportive and all the golfers up here love Kenny, we all know Kenny, we all love Kenny and the guys came out, we have 21 teams today, which is just an amazing number of participants, so we’re, we’re just thrilled, we’re thrilled with this.”

They hope the purchase will open the door to include more Golfers with disabilities at the course. Spaid adding: “Kenny is kind of our, is, is the impetus behind it, is the catalyst if you will, um, but it will be here for other disabled golfers as well and…it’s just so important to be able to help people with disabilities be able to enjoy the game.”

The Tournament raised around $16,000, meaning Kenny will soon get his new Cart, Clubs and some extra left over for Cart Maintenance.

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