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GOP Leadership in Harrisburg

Members of the State House returned to Harrisburg Today insisting they have a full agenda.

But most of the questions center on covid and the school masking mandate.

Monday, GOP State House leaders confirming they’re hearing from you,the public about state health department’s school masking mandate

“In the two weeks since the mandate went into effect, our members have been overwhelmingly inundated with comments,calls concerns,even visits from parents,families,students,school board members and other local officials as well”

House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff insisting there’s other issues on the agenda, and other than saying its should be a local decision made by school districts, offering no specifics in terms
about a possible legislative response to the masking mandate

“There’s confusion about the best advice from health administrators”

Not surprisingly, House Democratic party leadership blasting back in a statement saying, case rates among school aged children are nearly 12 times higher than they were last year.

Experts say masking is the best tool we have to protect our students who are unable to get vaccinated,and yet house republicans who did nothing all summer have called us back into session to attackthe Governor and Secretary of Health, and put our children at risk

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