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Grandinetti Trial Mis-trial

A mistrial has been declared in the case of a Johnstown man charged with murder related to a 2017 shooting. Our Nicole Fushino is in was in Cambria County today and tells us more about why this decision was made.


Well, just this trial began yesterday morning and as of just a few hours ago, court officials say the trial has to start all over again because of a violation that happened during a witnesses testimony today, according to an official with Judge Kiniry’s office.

A witness during testimony cross-examination violated the specific terms of a pretrial motion made by the judge concerning the defendant’s prior conduct.

The trial for Mason Grandinetti is being prosecuted by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, and he is charged with the murder of 21 year old Barron Grumbling, who police say was shot to death near Oakhurst Homes back
in May of 2017.

Court officials say the judge granted the defense’s motion for a mistrial earlier today, and court officials also told us that Grandinetti will need to be retried in front of a brand new jury, too.

And we’ll keep you updated on this situation as it develops and we get more information.

I’m Nicole Fushino reporting.

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