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Greater Johnstown School District Threat

Johnstown police and Greater Johnstown School District officials are investigating an online threat that was reportedly made Thursday evening on social media.

According to a statement from district superintendent Amy Arcurio, there will be an increased security presence at both the middle and high schools Friday in response to the

“A very serious Facebook post that has been circulating throughout our community this evening. The claim of a student planning a shooting at our high school tomorrow is being
thoroughly investigated by our Administration and the Johnstown Police Department. Numerous students and parents were questioned regarding this claim and we have determined that
this leads back to an incident that occurred earlier today regarding a break up between two middle school students. Nonetheless, every threat is taken seriously and investigated
immediately. We are taking every available precaution to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Johnstown Police Department will be at our high school and middle school
early tomorrow and will have a presence throughout the day. We appreciate the cooperation we received from our students and families and are thankful for your on-going
assistance to our school community.”

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