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Grim Projections for COVID-19

More than 633,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and now a grim prediction shows just how many more lives could be lost over the next three months. The U.S. now reporting more than 800 deaths per day from COVID-19, the highest average in five months. A dire forecast estimates nearly 100,000 more Americans could die of COVID by December 1st — if current trends continue.

Across the Country, the Delta Variant now accounts for nearly 99% of all new cases. Side by side maps show the dramatic spread of the Virus in just ten weeks. Kentucky’s Governor emotional as his State hits a new record for hospitalization for the fifth straight day. Gov. Beshear saying: “Seeing nearly 5,000 cases. And 65 Kentuckians that we lost. In just one day’s report. Is… tough”

In Florida, 95% of the ICU beds in the State are full. 58-year-old Lisa Steadman and her husband were both diagnosed with COVID in early August. After being in the hospital for eight days — she returned home to find her husband had passed away from complications due to COVID-19. Lisa Steadman saying: “It was just like walking into a horror scene. It’s just been horrible”

Cape Coral Hospital running out of morgue space — now bringing in refrigerated trucks. Armando Llechu, Chief Officer of Hospital Operations at Cape Coral Hospital saying: “Our morgues are just not designed to hold that many bodies. This is not being exaggerated or blown out of proportion by the media. this is real.”

In Texas, the Houston Health Department confirming the city’s first COVID Pediatric death — a boy without underlying health conditions between the age of 10 and 19, who was not vaccinated. But vaccinations in the city are on the rise after a new incentive program was launched that provides $150 gift cards to anyone who rolls up their sleeve.

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