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Groundhog Days in the Park

Groundhog Day is just hours away.

In the meantime members with the Jefferson County Chamber of commerce hosted the Groundhog Days in the Park.

The event began Saturday and wraps up Tomorrow.

Residents and visitors have the chance to enjoy live music, food and craft vendors.

During the Groundhog Day in the Park event protestors from PETA gathering today at Barclay Square in Downtown Punxsutawney.

PETA wants to see Phil and his companion Phyllis released to a reputable sanctuary.

They say the tradition of Groundhog Day deprives Phil of the life all groundhogs should have.

“Groundhogs are shy animals. They would never choose to be exposed to flashing lights and human handling or noisy crowds. Phil is an individual who is although intelligent and self-aware,
he can’t predict the weather. And even if he could, denying him everything that is important to him is animal abuse.”

The protestors continues to ask that alternatives be used if the tradition is to be kept.

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