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Guisewhite Stabbing

It was a deadly hug that is what police say a Center County woman says happened in the death of her boyfriend earlier this year at a preliminary hearing for Britney Guisewhite today. A state trooper testified that Guisewhite said that Robert Farwell died in early April after hugging her while she was holding a steak knife.

The incident happened at Guisewhite ‘s Woodward home. Police say Guisewhite claimed that it was an accident after the pair had a disagreement and he had threatened to kill her. But a doctor testified that Farwell died after being forcibly stabbed.

A child counselor testified a four year old was in the home and said mommy’s boyfriend died after mommy accidentally stabbed him with a pen. Gus White will also stand trial on all five charges that she was arrested on, including third degree murder.



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