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Guisewhite Trial Update

There are trial delays in a Centre County murder case as the suspect a young mother is now asking a judge to reduce her bail in a bid to get out of jail.

Its been almost a year last April 8th when police say Brittany Guisewhite stabbed Robert Farwelll to death in her Woodward area home in Penns Valley.

Guisewhite and Farwell had what police described as a tumultuous relationship.

Guisewhite was charged with third degree murder and other criminal counts and was due to go on trial within a few weeks.

Last week though, a judge approved a delay in a possible trial date, and in a related motion requesting a reduction in Guisewhite’s quarter million dollar bail, her attorney writes that they want to consult experts, and trial preparations could take months, or possibly even years.

Guisewhite claims the deadly stabbing was self defense. That Farwell showed up at her place unannounced, and threatened to kill her.

But police claim two people who were among the first on scene after the stabbing said Guisewhite told them it was an accident, that Farwell surprised her as he was trying to hug her and she was holding a knife.

The 28 year old Guisewhite, is the mother of two children, and police say one of the young kids was in the home when the stabbing occurred.

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