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Halloween Lobster

This Halloween, the “catch of the day” was spotted in Cambria County.

16-year old Sarah Dudash dressed up as a lobster.

She uses a wheelchair, which was cleverly incorporated into her costume as the lobster tank.

Sarah’s mom, Lori Sender, says it’s difficult seeing other kids doing the things her daughter can’t, so she makes Halloween extra special.

“Sarah doesn’t take dance class, she doesn’t ice skate, she’s not a cheerleader. So, this is something I can do once a year that’s just for her – that I put my time and energy into,” Lori said.

The costume was made with a hula hoop, a tablecloth, dowel rods, and fish netting and seashells for decoration.

They even installed a bubble machine.

Lori says she was looking for ideas that would involve Sarah’s personal care aid at school – Stephanie – who ended up dressing as a chef to match.

“I saw the lobster, and it just all exploded from there with my imagination,” Lori said.

This Halloween tradition started six years ago when Sarah’s wheelchair was transformed into Cinderella’s carriage.

“2014 was the first time I ever decorated her wheelchair, and I made her into Cinderella. I did hula hoops and lit them up,” Lori said.

Sarah has also been a scarecrow with cornstalks attached to her wheelchair, as well as a Star Wars character with her sister, Lily.

Lori says these ideas don’t just bring enjoyment to Sarah, but everyone who knows and loves her.

” I don’t know what I’m going to do next year. The pressure’s on, right?”

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