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Happy Valley Improv Finds New Home

“Happy Valley Improv” has found a permanent home after moving between local venues for the last several years. When the Blue Brick Theatre opens this Summer, a hot mic will open with it.

Blue Brick Theatre will soon be the permanent home of Happy Valley Improv, and also a place to learn Stage Arts. They’ve been performing and teaching classes around town for the last few years, but Co-Founder Sam Tanner says in order to grow, they needed a place to call home. Tanner adding: “Prior to the pandemic, we were performing twice a month in the State Theatre, we were offering ongoing level one through level three classes and workshops, um, but I also think that we sort of had reached a point where we couldn’t grow anymore, and so for us to be able to find this space, downtown in this location, uh, really is the way forward for us to keep growing.”

This space will be expensive to renovate before it opens in July, but Co-Founder James Tierney says they’ve been preparing financially for a long time. Tierney adding: “We’ve been saving as a company for…for a while and up to this point, we haven’t had overhead. So, the money that we’re taking from classes and from shows, we were able kind of stash some of it away.”

Co-Founder Nate Rufo says this was an incredible chance to hunker down, and he wishes nothing but the best to the other local venues in the community that helped them along the way.

When the Theatre opens in July, free ticket vouchers can be redeemed, and you can get one by going to and joining the mailing list.

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