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Happy Valley Quilts of Valor

“It’s an honor, it’s just an honor.”

Happy Valley Quilts of Valor honored the 8 members of Boalsburg Volunteer Fire Company for there military service with a handmade, individual, quilt.

“They are all different, they have the fabrics that make up the top, the backing that goes on, or the lining could be different, so everyone gets a unique handmade quilt.”

Foust says her entire family has served at some point and she just wanted to show local veterans that they are appreciated which is why she gathered a group of quilters to help.

“The quilt itself is amazing, it’s beautiful, I will probably just hang it up on my wall and not use it.”

A special way to show gratitude for their service, and their continued service for the community.

“It’s just overwhelming to be able to receive this and know that I served my country and just even volunteering here and being a part of the community and serving and helping other

“Still contributing to our communities, and actually some of these recipients are still on active duty or reserved duty so that’s just heartwarming to know that they are still giving
back to the community.”

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