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Health Minute

As the year comes to a close doctors is also the best time to take stock of your health and make changes to improve in the year ahead.

Mandy Gaither has a look at the 5 things that should be on your end of the year health checklist.

Before you ring in the New Year

Make sure you set yourself up for a healthy 2022

“It’s never too late to jump back on the bandwagon, especially if you’ve put your health needs on the back burner.”

Doctor Neha Vyas says good preventative care helps catch health issues early when they may be easier to treat.

She recommends adding these 5 things to your year end health checklist.

Number one schedule wellness exams.

These visits include a physical exam, making sure you are up to date with your vaccinations, and screenings to check for diseases.

Number two prioritize sleep today.

Don’t wait until next year to create a consistent bedtime routine

And put away screens at least a half hour before going to sleep.

“It’s not a surprise that many of our sleep habits have been disrupted during the pandemic.We are sleeping later.”

Number three jumpstart your nutrition and exercise habits.

Start making small changes now to your nutrition and workout routine.

“This a journey, not a destination. So some of these healthy habits should be Incorporated before the start of the new year.”

Number four discuss your mental well being.

Talk with your doctor about any mental health concerns you have like anxiety and depression.

And finally play!

As hectic as the final days of the year are make sure you schedule some time to go outdoors and enjoy time with family.

“Don’t forget our furry friends. They have been there for us during the pandemic and even before, and they are vital to improve our mental health.”

For Today’s Health Minute I’m Mandy Gaither.

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