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Health Minute

While COVID-19 deaths are down since last week, hospitalizations are way up. but also new challenges in the battle against COVID 19.

Isabelle Roselle is reporting on the disruptions to schools as the FDA unveils new moves to get more people boosted.

New Year, fresh uncertainty about the Omicron variant, and there’s growing concern from some experts that while it may be milder for adults, it could pose a greater risk to children.

“There appears to be more of an upper airway disease and a lower airway disease that’s good for most Americans. The one group that that may be a problem for his very young kid,
very young children, toddlers who have trouble with upper airway infections.”

On Monday, the FDA unveiling major changes, the agency expanding its emergency use authorization, allowing Pfizer boosters for everyone twelve and older.

The wait time between Pfizer second shot and a booster shortened to five months and boosters now allowed for some immunocompromised kids ages five to eleven.

“Those three moves are all moves that I greatly welcome because the data just supports it.”

School districts are bracing for more disruptions in Washington, D.C., classes pushed back to give students time to get a COVID test.

At least five Atlanta metro area school districts are going to remote learning for this week in Los Angeles, kids and staff now required to wear high grade masks,

and in New York City, around 20 to 30% of teachers are estimated to be out sick with COVID, according to one union official.

The new mayor denying the teachers union requests for temporary remote learning

“The safest place for our children is in a school building”


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