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Omicron is causing many to wonder if they should cancel their holiday plans. But health experts say while nothing is 100% risk free, they say if you’re vaccinated, you can take
precautions and you can still gather with your loved ones this year.

In today’s Health Minute, we have a closer look at the strategies to enjoy the festivities as safely as possible.

With Omicron, surging coronavirus is once again trying to ruin the holiday spirit. But health experts say you can still enjoy the festivities, but only if you take precautions.

“I want people to gather, but I want people to gather safely. I’m going to gather with my family. We’ve limited the number of people that are there. Everybody’s going to be vaccinated.

Health experts say getting vaccinated is still the best defense, and a booster shot increases that protection.

The CDC has these recommendations for gathering during the holidays. Outdoors is safer than indoors. Avoid crowded, poorly ventilated spaces if you are sick or have symptoms.

Don’t host or attend a gathering and consider using a home self-test before joining indoor gatherings.

“If you test in the afternoon before coming over and everyone is negative, yeah, then I think you can relax.”

If your guests include kids too young to be vaccinated, experts say they may be more at risk than ever before from getting infected because we don’t know the effect of Omicron on young kids.

“I would take additional precautions because this is an infant that we’re talking about with very little immune protection.”

And when it comes to attending large outdoor events, experts say you can go, but make sure you’re vaccinated, boosted and wear a mask

“A mask even though it’s outdoors, that there are lots of people packed around you. Wearing a three ply surgical mask, don’t wear a cloth mask. Cloth masks are little more than facial

For today’s Health Minute. I’m Jen Sullivan.

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