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Healthcare Workers at High Risk

“Covid is a real disease, it is not a hoax, it is real, it is highly infectious, and it is deadly.”

Because of their close contact with COVID-19 patients, health care workers are at high-risk of contracting the virus themselves

“Even if you are doing all of the precautions you are supposed to do but getting out of home, you can get it. Like we did, like my husband did.”

According to the CDC, as of January 17th, more than 367,000 healthcare workers have had Coronavirus, including the Mainali’s. immediately after her husband tested positive, Sapana started having symptoms.

“The very next day I started having a sore throat and headache and no fever, so I thought maybe it was stress. and then symptoms continued to escalate. My first test came back negative, but the second one came back positive. I was pretty sure I had it by then.”

Despite frontline workers’ best efforts to keep you safe and healthy while inside the hospital,they also have to care for their own families as well. And when COVID hits inside a household, it’s a ripple effect.

“My mom then developed very vague symptoms, like sleeping all day, and tired and I thought something was wrong so I took her to the hospital then she was found to have a fever then, and tested positive. ”

After seeing how the hospital operates firsthand with COVID-19 stress, it was hard for Sapana to be a patient herself and take a much-needed hospital bed from someone else.

“I was not ready to go to the hospital because I knew it was all full but my husband convinced me to go.”

Difficult but necessary for recovery

“I am glad I did because both of us were admitted for 6 days.”

She says when she was in the hospital she knew she had to do more to educate patients and tell others in the community her story, and just because you receive the vaccine, does not mean you can go back to life as usual.

“Some people are excited to say oh we don’t have to wear masks anymore. I got that vaccine but that is not right, we still need to be disciplined.”

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