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Hearing Aid Access Proposal

Nearly 1 in 8 Adults in the U.S. have hearing loss, and a new landmark FDA Proposal is aimed at improving access to Hearing Aid Technology for millions of Americans, though some still have concerns.

For the first time ever, Millions of Americans with hearing loss could get a FDA Approved Hearing Aid over-the-counter, without seeing a Doctor or Audiologist. Under the new proposed FDA rule, hearing aids would be sold over-the-counter at more traditional retail stores or online, likely making them less expensive and more available to those who need them.

There are some concerns. According to Dr. Aaron Moberly, and Otolaryngologist at Ohio State University – Western Medical Center. Dr Moberly saying: “Are we going to be missing sources of hearing loss that are otherwise treatable, or maybe red-flags for something additional going on beyond just the hearing loss?”

Starkey Hearing CEO Brandon Sawalich notes some other concerns. Sawalich saying: “Going to a local consumer electronic or Pharmacy and picking up a product is not the ideal approach for better hearing, because you don’t know how loud it is going to be, the fit, the comfort.” Sawalich expects the proposed rule to be finalized in late Spring or early Summer. The Public will be able to comment on the Proposed Language over the next 90 days.

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