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Heat Health

While we all love to get outside in the summer, you do need to be careful of the heat.

Haleigh Dibetta talked with a local doctor about how best to stay safe.

Now is actually the perfect time if you want to get a run in or walk your dog before it gets so hot out your health is at risk

“Headache, dizziness, light headedness, excessive thirst”

That’s what doctors want you to keep an eye out for today if you’re outside in the heat it’s not just about breaking a sweat

“As a general rule of thumb if you’re exercising when it’s hot out would recommend about 10 to 20 ounces of water before exercise and about 8 ounces every fifteen minutes of activity”

If you don’t stay hydrated Dr. Matthew Zajdel says you could experience heat exhaustion or worse heat stroke

“It can effect every organ in our body and when it does our blood pressure tends to drop and our heart rate tends to go up so that the brain doesn’t become profused and exhibit brain damage and
multi-organ damage from there”

Besides getting a drink of water if you can, get in some to cool off or go somewhere with air conditioning and make sure you’re dressed for the heat

“You’d want to wear loose fitting clothing, breathable clothing, nothing that’s restrictive that causes your body heat to stay restrictive”

If you or someone else is experiencing heat exhaustion or stroke call 911

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