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Highland Park Cleanup

Highland Park in Altoona is currently seeing a big cleanup. The work is being done by one man in Ed Schrift. He wanted to get out of his house and do some good during the Pandemic, and he didn’t have to look to far down the road to find it.

Ed Schrift’s journey to community service in Altoona started simply with just a walk in the park. Schrift has several projects to help restore the beauty in Highland Park. Helping him to become closer to nature, and a higher power. Though he has done a lot of this work on his own, Schrift says the City has pitched in as well. As a long time resident of Altoona, Schrift believes it was his duty to put in the sweat to make it better. Just like a child, it takes a community to bring back the beauty of the park, and he hopes his passion can be extended to the next generation.

Schrift says he hopes the project will be wrapped up by the end of the month.

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