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Historic Policy Signing

In National News, a historic meeting held on Monday highlighting diversity in the Biden Administration. The first female Vice President and the first Black Secretary of Defense watched as President Biden signed an Executive Order allowing Transgender Americans to join the Military. The action repeals the Trump-era ban.

A major priority for the Biden Administration is combating the Pandemic. The President is reinstating travel restrictions for non-US citizens who have been in Brazil, the UK, and much of Europe. However, Biden needs the power of Congress to pass a COVID-19 Relief Bill. The Administration is pushing for a nearly $2 Trillion plan that includes a new round of Stimulus Checks, Money for Vaccinations, and an increase to the minimum wage.

Timing is also an issue — especially ahead of the Impeachment trial of former President Trump. On Monday night, the House will deliver the Article of Impeachment to the Senate. The trial begins in two weeks.

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