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Holiday Restrictions Lifting

Starting on Monday, January 4th: the end of the Holiday Restrictions in the State that shut down bars and restaurants to in-person dining and other measures meant to curb the Virus over the past few weeks. Governor Wolf confirmed that indoor dining, among other things, will resume as planned on Monday.

Although Wolf will allow restaurants, bars, gyms and entertainment venues to reopen, indoor capacity will still be limited. Even before Wolf shut down those places in December, they were struggling mightily with their customer base slashed throughout the Pandemic. Gyms and entertainment venues can’t do much more to make up for the lack of income, but bars and restaurants can kick it up a notch. Happy Valley Brewing Company set up an outdoor tent area in December. General Manager Joe Bissol said it wasn’t complicated to add seating to mitigate the loss of indoor seating. Bissol added that they made the cost of the outdoor dining space in less than a week.

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