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Holiday Travel

Amid COVID-19, some people I spoke with say they plan to spend time with family but with COVID-19 precautions in place.

For Brian Klei, a Virginia native, he’s traveling all the way to Michigan to see family for Thanksgiving.

“Roughly like 12-15 hours and it hasn’t been that bad I’ve been asleep,” said Klei.

He said he isn’t too worried about COVID-19 and his plans.

One Pennsylvania native plans to spend time with family too.

“We’re originally from Reynoldsville but I moved to Pittsburgh but I came back to see my family for the holidays so we’re going to practice social distancing though just staying with my family at home,” said Nicole Huntington, Reynoldsville native.

She said it’s a relief to come to Jefferson County where cases aren’t as high as Allegheny County.

“I was surprised I didn’t see as much traffic as I thought I was going to,” she said.

On the air traffic side of things, officials are seeing something different.

“Thanksgiving time frame right now we’ve had the busiest three weeks counting next week and the two previous weeks that we’ve had since COVID-19 hit,” said James Meyer, Centre County Airport Authority.

James Meyers said precautions are in place to protect passengers on flights.

“Extra cleaning between flights for all of the flights the airlines are doing the same,” he said.

According to Trooper Bruce Morris, state troopers have no plans to pull out of state vehicles over for COVID-19 reasons.

“For out of state plates or any vehicle for that matter, what would lead to a traffic stop is any violation of Pennsylvania’s vehicle code whether it’s speeding or an incorrect turn,” said Trp. Morris.

If you do plan to travel out of state, officials urge you to get a COVID-19 test until you get a negative result or to quarantine for 14 days.

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