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Hometown Market Update

Around 3:00 Tuesday morning, firefighters were called to West Taylor Street in Brookville for a fire at the Brookville Hometown Market.

Fire crews from Brookville, Pine Crest and Reynoldsville helped battle the blaze and had the fire out by 4:30 this morning with no injuries.

“They had gone through the top of the building just making sure that there wasn’t any more issues. Apparently, it was an electrical issue that caused it. We should be up and running by tomorrow morning.”

After the fire it’s been all hands on deck.

Reed says crews are repairing the ceilings but thankfully there wasn’t any major damage inside of the store.

“There are things our staff is going through any product that we have right now. Nothing that was really touched on the inside store-but anything from the deli part forward is going to be taken care of and thrown out.”

Prior to the McAneny brothers taking ownership of the market last October, it was the home of Mikes supermarket for over 50 years.

That decade long tradition well known to one Brookville native.

“We do almost all of our grocery shopping here so it was like really upsetting and I kind of felt bad for the employees like what are they going to do?”

With limited grocery store options in town, Bullers says she would have been forced to go to Giant Eagle.

But with the store reopening tomorrow, she’s glad she won’t have to change her normal plans.

“They’re always happy and greet you with a smile, it’s a good place to shop and like I said I know where everything is so it makes it easier.

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