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Horseshoe Curve

And like the Railroaders Museum, the Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark also spent their pandemic closure ehancing the site. They’ve added several new exhibits, including one dedicated to operation Pastorious, which was a failed Nazi attempt to destroy the curve.

The Horseshoe Curve has been around for well over a century, and was a key factor in getting trains traveling the Pennsylvania Railroad up and over the Allegheny Summit. The Curve’s director of digital outreach says these added exhibits were brought in to give people a reason to come and visit the Curve.

“We just really appreciate the community reaching out, and coming in and seeing our sites, and seeing our stories, and learnt about the generations of Railroaders who essentially built this country.”

The Horseshoe Curve is open Friday through Sunday, from 10 am until 5 pm.

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