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Huntingdon County Pandemic Numbers

In just the last two weeks, Huntingdon has seen a reported 274 cases and 5 deaths. Jeff Speck, the new public information officer for the county’s emergency management department says the county has experienced an almost daily rise in new cases beginning October 13th.

Last week, EMA Director Joe Thompson pointed to spread within nursing home facilities in the county as a big reason for the increase.

Speck says that’s still a concern moving forward. In response to the resurgence, commissioners reaffirmed the county’s declaration of disaster emergency Yesterday. Speck says the measure, first introduced in March, allows emergency management to act quickly and secure the resources necessary to address needs in the county.

Speck says reaffirming the declaration lets the county’s colleges and nursing homes know there’s still help available. He says now is not the time to stray away from methods of prevention.

“The action they’re taking is to try to ensure safety and make sure that we stay ahead of anything that may develop, which the emergency management office is now being asked to take charge of. People are getting tired of the pandemic after 7 or 8 months and if you’ve let your guard down, now is the time to reaffirm what you need to do.”

Juniata College has reported 17 cases so far this month and according to the college’s webpage the campus is now on high alert. Speck says the college has measures in place to limit spread.


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