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Huntingdon County Robbery

An 86-year-old woman was viciously beaten in her home and robbed yesterday in Huntingdon County. In addition, she was carjacked, as her 2001 Chevy Impala was taken from her driveway.

The woman was Life Flighted to a hospital to treat her injuries, and we do not yet have word on her condition or the identity of a suspect.

Sunday’s incident occurred at 11146 Fannettsburg Pike in Shade Gap, barely inside Huntingdon County, falling just a few yards of the Dublin Township border within the county.

Asher Shafer saw what he believed to have been a reckless driver, not yet knowing what had transpired, and opted to tail the vehicle.

“So, I seen the car, I was driving back from work. The car came around probably going, at least 80 miles-an-hour around me, flying,” he recalled. “Why is somebody flying in like a 35 mile-an-hour zone, so I decided to follow them.”

Shafer said his chase ended when he could no longer stay with the driver.

“He went up the mountain…into Fannettsburg on Fannettsburg Pike,” he said. “I lost him in the mountain area, so I just decided to go home.”

However, Shafer then learned of the events preceding his pursuit, and realized that may not have been just a speeding driver.

“This morning, I went and dropped my buddy off at work and one of the neighbor girls up the road here, she works there, and she said there was a car stolen down here, a silver Impala, and I’m like ‘well, I just chased a Chevy Impala up the mountain last night, and he was freaking flying.’ it kind of makes sense now.”

State Police are actively investigating this case, and are expected to provide more details this week. They ask that anyone with information on this incident to call them.

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