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Huntingdon County Standoff

A fire in Huntingdon County, has quickly led to an arson investigation.

According to State Police, it ended with a stand-off with a suspect Yesterday.

State police say Jonathan Copenhaver intentionally set fire to this residence, on Extract Road in Shirely Township. They say it started Yesterday Afternoon around 2:45.

The criminal complaint says, before the fire, Copenhaver allegedly paid a woman $600. Police then say, after the fire, he allegedly told a man I lit it, brother.

They say he then fled to his own listed address in Shirley Township, ten minutes away. There, they say, Copenhaver barricaded himself inside the residence with a firearm starting a stand-off.

The District Attorney tells me state police had to call in a SERT team to help them extract Copenhaver. Eventually, the DA says they had to physically remove him from the residence then arresting him.

Copenhaver faces four charges as of right now including Arson. The criminal complaint doesn’t list any charges related to the stand-off.

The Assistant Fire Chief for Mount Union tells me that fortunately the fire was contained.

“We arrived on scene to find smoke coming from the single, wide trailer. Had a good knockdown, kept the damage to the middle bedroom.”

“If you look in the middle bedroom there, where the window’s broken it started in there. We believe it started there.”

The DA tells us the preliminary hearing for Copenhaver is scheduled for April 13th.

He’s being held at Huntingdon County Prison, with a $250,000.000 bail.

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