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Huntingdon Transfer Inmates Have COVID-19

Close to half the inmates from the Huntingdon County prison who were recently transferred to the Centre County jail have tested positive for COVID-19.

Thats according to the latest report from the Centre County lockup 17 inmates from Huntingdon County testing positive for COVID-19. They were recently transfered after a coronavirus outbreak at the Huntingdon County jail.

Centre County officials saying those inmates testing positive were essentially quarantined after being placed in a separate section of the prison

“So what we do when everybody is brought in is to test them ,with temperature checks and other tests. those inmates were all places in a separate pod at the prison,then those that tested positive were place in another isolated area,and any staff there had to take added precautions with masking and suits,etc.”

Its expected the Huntingdon County inmates will spend at least three weeks at the Centre County prison.

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