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Hypothermia Death

A Johnstown Man had died after he developed Hypothermia from the Cold Weather conditions we have been experiencing. It was at a home along Adams Street in Johnstown where the Cambria County Coroner and other County Officials are investigating what they call a Cold Weather related Death. They say the victim, 63-year-old Daryl Lewis, fell outside his apartment as he was making his way toward the building. Officials are urging the public that now is the best time to check in on family members, friends, and neighbors during these cold weather months.

Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees saying: “He was found by another occupant of this apartment complex. He was found laying outside on the outer step of the stairwell that led to his apartment.”

Lees says Lewis was found unresponsive by EMS, taken to the Hospital, and died in the Emergency Room. He says Lewis’ body temperature was 74 degrees. It was almost single digits outside at the time of the incident. Lees says his manner of death has been ruled incidental. He does not know how long Lewis was outside on the steps before he was found. To stay safe, Lees says to layer up, do not stay outside too long, and let people know where you are so they can check on you.

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