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Ickes Facing Federal Drug Charges

Drug charges that were filed against a Somerset County man over the summer are now moving to the federal level, according to Somerset District Attorney Jeff Thomas.

Terrell Ickes was arrested in Somerset Township at the end of June 2020.

The arrest made headlines last year because Ickes is the son of Somerset County Commissioner Pamela Tokar-Ickes.

According to a criminal complaint, he was caught with nearly $15,000 worth of drugs and an additional large amount of cash in his car.

Tuesday morning, Ickes was taken into custody by DEA agents.

Thomas says because of the severity of these drug charges, the case has been adopted by U.S. Attorney Scott Brady’s office.

With the case being taken over by the federal court system Ickes could face a stricter punishment.

“The federal government has what are called mandatory minimums,” explains DA Thomas. “And essentially what that means is given the weight and the amount of drugs that were seized at the time, federal law has required certain periods of incarceration that state law just doesn’t have.”

Thomas says Ickes could face five to ten years of incarceration.

He also adds this investigation is ongoing.

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