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Impeachment amid COVID Relief Legislation

Political Theater – that’s what former President Donald Trump’s Legal Team calls the upcoming Impeachment trial, but the Impeachment Managers see the Senate Trial differently. They say while in Office, President Trump abused his power.

On the eve of Donald Trump’s second Senate Trial, House Impeachment Managers say the former President incited violence with his rhetoric. Trump’s Lawyers laid out their case in a pretrial brief Monday. They say the Impeachment itself is Unconstitutional and simply an act of political theater.

As the Impeachment process plays out in the Senate, the House is working on COVID Relief Legislation. However, Democrats are divided over whether to include an increase to the Minimum Wage. President Joe Biden doesn’t think the Progressive proposal will make it into the final package.

Another sticking point is Stimulus Checks. Moderates want to lower the income threshold and give the full amount to people who make $50,000 a year or less. Congressional Democrats do agree on a Tax Credit to give some families at least $3,000 per child.

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