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In This Together Cambria

A group of Local Activists are using Social Media to share stories of Cambria County Residents with COVID-19. They’re hoping to encourage Local Leaders to do more to stop the spread in our Communities.

You may have seen a new group on Facebook circling around called “In This Together Cambria” which tries to influence people to do their part in bringing this Pandemic to an end. This month, as Cambria County resident Ashlee Kiel scrolls through her Facebook, she’s been noticing a common trend. She says posts of big Thanksgiving Dinners were right next to posts of people sharing their stories about suffering from COVID-19. So, Ashlee reached out to other local Activists online and decided to take action.

“In This Together Cambria” has a Website and Facebook page where those with COVID-19 can share their stories. Ashlee says COVID-19 is affecting even those who are not sick with the Virus as well. She says her Grandmother passed away in August, not from COVID-19, but she wasn’t able to see her due to COVID-19 Restrictions. The page also strives to get information about COVID-19 out into the Community. On Tuesday, they’re hosting their first “COVID Talks” where Experts will discuss a range of topics from gathering for the Holidays to the Vaccine.

Click Here to enter your COVID-19 story for “In This Together Cambria.”

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