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Inauguration Day Virtual Parade

Sam Suppes is a 17 year old from Cambria County who helped welcomed the new president of the United States virtually.

During the virtual parade across America on inauguration day 71 members and 67 horses from Culver Military Academy in the state of Indiana welcomed President Joe Biden virtually on horseback.

But one of those students is from right here in Cambria County.

His name is Sam Suppes a 17 year old from Westmont now a senior at the boarding school and he’s one of four leaders of the black horse troop.

“It’s really cool that Western Pennsylvania gets to represented, certainly even Johnstown gets to be represented in the Presidential Inauguration.”

He says since October they’ve been practicing for this virtual performance for multiple hours per week practicing a new formation with the horses.

“We don’t normally ride in that sort of formation, so it was a lot of getting the horses used to what their position was, and especially being eight wide it’s pretty difficult.”

It was filmed last week and played this Afternoon for President Biden.

The academy has been participating in Presidential inaugurations since 1913 now with a Westmont native in its history.

“When I came here, there was a bit of an expectation that I’d be involved in some sort of way. I wish it were in person, but it’s very cool to be able to be seen in front of the President on national television of course. It’s quite an honor.”

Sam is the son of Gregory and Betsy Suppes of Westmont.

They say Sam will be promoted to squadron commander next month and will be the third highest ranking military leader of the boys.

He will graduate in June and plans to go to college.

“Even just with the practices and the filming of it, it was all a really neat experience. I’ll look back upon this time with a lot of good memories.”


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