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Inspirational Welding

David Beach’s artistry his wonders of welding amazing and well known. He’s passionate about his creations

“When I say a customer is moved by my design,I become emotional because of some of the pain I went through”

The pain,beach admits was self imposed

“I was prone to find a chemical to make me feel different.alcohol was my king until it wasnt”

Beach raised by an artistically gifted mother and a father who was also a welder a fabricator

“I grew up in tool and die precision,boring,bearings,all kinds of equipment”

But young David Beach first became a success in corporate settings or an apparent success but to himself he was struggling that inner pain

“This art was the pure form of me.something I have gone to twice in my life when Ive fallen due to alcohol. I value it. People know this because my Facebook page is art for recovery”

In our pandemic times with so many struggling Beach’s story uplifting. His creativity,what he terms his maniac mind, and self determination leading to better his life path,leading to his Fox Chapel Iron Works company. One of his best known works at Tuckahoe Park, inspired by a story he could relate to losing a loved one to addiction

“I donate alot of my time to that project,because I’m that statue. A man losing his grasp of life. The words love,hope support go around him because that need to happen more to people addicted”

Along with his industrial work, beach does a number of memorials,which he terms rewards and his skill development and educational irony

“In the 70’s nobody wanted this stuff. The trades were dead,we were going to be an IT power,farm out the trade work.We’ve come full circle to where we want the trades back

Beach’s outlook on life comes with community involvement and is goal oriented even when he wanted to fix his abuse problems

“I didnt go to 12 step programs to quit drinking. I wanted to get out of trouble.How to drink successfully,make this pointless. I didnt want to put any work into it.

He’s often asked the almost impossible to answer the mental process involved in heavy metal creativity.but in terms of sharing physical skill, beach decided to take on another role, educator

“I just made a sign and put it out to see if anybody wanted to learn how to weld. So far we’ve had 250 students”

He adds those students educate him

“I’m suppose do be the guy to go to and Ive been asked some questions that put me right back in a corner”

Beach always puts a priority in connecting with customers lives in making himself better

“An artist hopes to get better and its fun ,you just keep getting better and better and my favorite job is the next job, I tell people that.”


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