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Is Carson Wentz Done in Philly

Now over to Philly where the Eagles have a lot of decisions and moves to make in the coming weeks after a very disappointing year.

One of them will have to be at the QB decision, Carson Wentz is wanting out after the worst season of his career and getting benched for 2nd round pick Jalen Hurts in his postseason press conference.

GM Howie Roseman said no decision has been made on whole thing Wentz is staying or going.

And to put the failure of this year on Wentz would not be accurate.

“Anyone that knows Carson knows how strong of a person he is and knows how much he believes in his own abilities. In terms of not having a great season is not just on one player. When you look at it, the team as a whole did not perform up to expectations, and the moves we made did not live up to expectations. To put it on Carson is unfair.”

Wentz is currently in year 2 of his 4 year contract extension.

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