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Jana Marie Foundation Fundraiser This Saturday

In honor of suicide prevention awareness month, the Jana Marie Foundation is holding its second drive-in diner fundraiser this Saturday.

The event runs from from 5 to 8 p-m.

It’s 15 dollars per meal. Cash or check will be accepted. Volunteers and customers are being asked to wear masks. Customers need to stay in their cars.

“We’re not going to allow the pandemic to silence what is often a topic that is addressed with silence.”

“We have seen an increase in the need for the programs for…young people especially to process…the many things they have lost really as part of this pandemic.”

A time of isolation proving to be full of obstacles for those struggling with mental health.

“There’s an increase in anxiety and stress and sadly an increase in people who are dying by suicide.”

As well as local businesses… and nonprofits like the Jana Marie Foundation.

“We’ve had to cancel some of our biggest annual fundraisers those events that really get us in front of the community and help us raise money.”

But organizers found a way to get in front of the community in july, in fact, in front of hundreds of community members at Jana’s Drive-in Diner.

“Incredible success, we really were overwhelmed by the response that we had.”

The 1950s inspired fundraiser giving customers a retro night out dining experience. While following pandemic safety measures.

“We had not necessarily planned to have one again so quickly but at the end of that first event, the food trucks asked us if we could it again because it was so successful for them and again they’re an example of small businesses that are really hurting as a result of this.”

“Only 12 years old, I actually had a friend and teammate of mine die by suicide that was something that has always affected me throughout my life.”

She joined its efforts to help others. As the pandemic struck in March.

“I really believe in what they do and what they stand for.”

A crucial time for help. Helping, is just what this event is doing, ultimately benefiting the food vendors the community and the cause

“We can shine a light during times like this.”

By replacing silence with live entertainment and isolation with connection.


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