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Jared Box Project

One local organization is finding ways to lift the spirits of children in nearby hospitals. The Jared Box Project started in State College in honor of a boy named Jared who battled brain cancer. Officials say this project is all about putting a smile on a child’s face with a simple box. At five years old battling cancer, Cindy Kolarik says Jared showed no signs of fear.

Cindy Kolarik, Founder of the Jared Box Project saying: “He actually was able to look around and notice other children that may have been scared or bored and asked his mom if he could share his toys with those children.” Unfortunately Jared lost his battle to cancer, but in his honor Kolarik started the Jared Box Project. The Jared Box project took the attention of hospitals across the nation including Penn Highlands Healthcare, who has been on board since June.

Danyelle Bundy, Fund Development Manager at Penn Highlands Healthcare says: “A lot of Jared Boxes shared through emergency room of course they’re scared, when the boxes given to them it takes that moment away.” Something as simple as a box, making a profound impact. Danyelle Bundy says she’s talking with community organizations to get more Jared Boxes distributed to children at the hospital. To learn more about The Jared Box initiative head to

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