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Jefferson County on Low COVID-19 Numbers

With the recent mitigation efforts handed down by the state, the EMA Director for Jefferson County said he’s been seeing a decrease in COVID-19 cases.

“We’ve had a couple days since the Christmas holiday where the cases had increased some but we’re on a decline as far as high numbers we were seeing towards the beginning of the month,” said Tracy Zents, Director Emergency Services for Jefferson County.

As residents prepare for New Year’s Day, he wants them to keep this in mind.

“I think everyone needs to still be cautious out there, they need to take these mitigation measures seriously,” he said.

Amid COVID-19, Tracy Zents said he’s noticed that about 80% of EMS dispatch calls are all COVID-19 related.

“When someone actually has the symptoms or they have tested positive for COVID-19 we consider that COVID-related call for service ambulance,” he said.

He said identifying a call as COVID-19 related allows first responders the chance to adequately protect themselves before heading out to a call.

As far as mass testing in the county, Zents said they’re planning for the end of January.

“It’s currently scheduled for the end of January the 28th to the 1st of February,…Anybody that wants a test, whether they’re a county resident or not can come and get a test,” he said.

Zents said they have a meeting with the state later on today to discuss mass testing for Jefferson County.

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