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Jefferson County Senior Citizen Vaccines

Molly McNutt, Executive Director of the Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging, said they’ve been trying to bridge the gap between senior citizens and the COVID-19 vaccine for several months.

“Here in Jefferson County we don’t have a real strong health department to do home visits so we are working with local pharmacy called Means-Lauf Super Drug in Brookville,” said McNutt.

Everyone that is 60+ is eligible to get the vaccine. For a home bound appointment you can call the Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging’s office at 814-849-3096.

McNutt said Ericka Nicholson at Means-Lauf pharmacy will be doing the home bound appointments, “Erica has assured us that they have plenty of vaccine available. They take appointments in their pharmacy…she is able to have enough vaccine on hand to do a home bound visit if necessary.”

Jefferson County is one of a few counties in our area offering home bound vaccine appointments.

Though circumstances may vary for each county, McNutt said the collaboration between local agencies has been critical to getting our senior citizens vaccinated.

“Working with the the county emergency services department, with our two main hospitals in the county and then with great pharmacies we’ve all been able to really work together and focus on the challenges and help those that are the most in need,”

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