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Jefferson Park Shooting Vigil

Earlier today in Blair County, a candlelight was held for a 15 year old Altoona boy who was shot and killed exactly one year ago Today.

Sarah Metts was there and has the story.

Hundreds of people showed up to honor Devon Pfirsching exactly one year after he was killed.

Candles were lit to honor the life of 15 year old Devon Pfirsching.

“It’s a very sad day, I just hope Devon looks down on us, and just sees his friends”

“His smile was amazing, it lit up the room. You can just see the joy that was inside of him, you and I have the choice to remember that joy, to remember that smile.”

Organizers say the vigil was about honoring memories of Devon, and to be together on the difficult day.

“Devon was a great person. I was told a lot of great stories about him putting smiles on people’s faces.”

According to authorities, the teens confessed to staging a drug sale near Jefferson Park with Pfirsching and then admitted to pulling a gun out and pistol whipping him in the head after a brief struggle, the gun fired, hitting Pfirsching in the head.

“The family of Devon has been extremely steadfast in attending all of the pre-trial meetings and consulting with the district attorney’s office.”

Court documents say the teens, Omedro Davis, Damien Green, and Logan Persing were charged with second degree murder, while Owen Sutherland was charged with first degree.

“Right now, as it stands, we have two defendants Owen Southerland and Omedro Davis who are in adult court. Their petitions for juvenile court have been denied. We have another defendant Damien Green whose petition is pending by the judge, and we are still actively litigating Logan Persing to be decertified for juvenile court.”

According to Weeks, that hearing is scheduled for next Friday.

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